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Sarakiniko & Local Area

The gorgeous, alluring, alien landscape of Sarakiniko Beach in Milos is one of the most popular ones on the Greek islands. Its unique structure, the varied expanse, and the gorgeous azure, emerald, and turquoise waters in stark contrast with the bright white rock create an unmatched experience for everyone lucky enough to go.
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Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach offers relaxation, exploration, and imagination. No matter what type of vacationer you are, it will stun you with its wild, alien beauty. It is one of the closest things to exploring an alien planet or the surface of the moon but combined with an exotic seafront! 
Sarakiniko Beach is located on the north shore of Milos. It’s only 1.2 km from Adamas and 5 km from Milos’ capital town, Plaka.
During high season there are buses from Adamas that can take you to Sarakiniko, but it’s best to go by car, be it rental or taxi. You can also take a scooter or ATV. Keep in mind that during peak season, Sarakiniko is alive with visitors, so opt to go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Sarakiniko's Creation

Sarakiniko’s stunning bright white rock formations were created by several layers of sea and land organisms’ fossils on the volcanic rock over several millennia. The wind and sea then sculpted the rocks that were created by the fossil layering into the bizarre and otherworldly shapes that make Sarakiniko unique. There is no vegetation anywhere, while the actual beach is sandy and relatively small compared to the expanse of rock. The beach is not organized in any way- you will be alone with nature once you go to Sarakiniko, so make sure to bring along everything you need, including food. Don’t forget to include bottled water for hydration! During the high season, there is a cantine working near the road and before you enter the rock formation selling snacks and water.

Luna Blanca | Apartments in Milos | Apartments in Sarakiniko

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