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Apartments in Milos

The island with heavenly beaches

About Milos island

Found in the southwest part of the Cyclades, this island has a handful of singular natural landscapes contributed by volcanic activity; mysterious rock formations, curious soil colours and numerous jaw dropping beaches.
Besides having countless unique sights to see around the island, it also is the homeland of the renowned marble statue of Venus of Milo seen today in the Louvre Museum. 

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Places to visit in Milos island

Milos’ volcanic past is reflected on the large number of hot springs, caves and geological formations found around the island such as Kanavas, Alykis, Provatas, Pikropigis springs, Papafragas and Sikia Caves, and Kleftiko Cove. 
The island also has numerous significant archaeological sites such as the early christian catacombs, the Bronze Age settlement of Phylakopi, and interesting museums namely the Mining Museum showcasing Milos’ 11.000 years old mineral history.

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